February 7, 2013

Random Thoughts: Prom Dress Ideas

When I was in high school, I got the chance to attend our Junior-Senior Prom twice. Too bad it occurred in a not-so-digital-world just yet. My pictures were not on Facebook but printed in some glossy paper. Yes, we did not have soft copies at the time. It was like ages ago. Too bad Facebook and other sites such as Twitter only came up when I was almost graduating college. BOOOOOOOOO!!

I want to be in high school again, specially now that I'm seeing Prom posts everywhere! Girls living this modern time makes me feel so envious because they have all the resources nowadays. Prom is an event that you shouldn't miss in your secondary education. I remember doing my own makeup when I was on my senior year! But the most important thing about a young lady's Prom is her GOWN..

If I was given the chance to go back in time and attend another prom, I will wear something like this:

I love how this dress is so soft but at the same time have this metallic touch on it.
I think choosing a gown for yourself is like describing your personality.
You should wear something that expresses yourself rather than trying to impress others.

Here are some of my choices of gown for each personality:

The Princess
It is not pink. If you feel like you're a princess, I suggest you wear something gold and shiny!

The Rocker Punk
Need I say more? This one is awesome!

The Fashionista
I love how this dress is a striking red on the outside but have this animal print on the inside! It's eye-catching and stylish at the same time!

You can mix and match and design your own style! But remember, just be yourself! :)

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