February 18, 2013

Random Thoughts of the Week

Vans Off The Wall Sale
My husband is a huge fan of Vans Rubber shoes and we're thinking about taking advantage of this Sale. We'll see if they're offering some good range then. This offer is available from February 15 to March 17 2013.

Have you found your Solemate Contest
So I shopped four pairs of shoes last Thursday for (less than) 800 pesos! Can you imagine that? Solemate is offering this Buy 1 Take 1 thing for 399 pesos only. I got mine in grey, nude, dark blue and dark pink. I was looking for the green one but it's not available. I'm hoping for a red one too. After paying for it, the saleslady handed me a code and explained the contest for a chance to win and Ipad Mini and Polaroid Instac Mini7s! I'm still thinking about joining the contest and in what concept though.

Requiem -- Delirium Trilogy
OH MY GOD!! Fan girl mode!! I've been waiting for this final installment for more than a year now and it'll soon be out in the market. March 5 is the day! I can't wait! Yayyy! Eggzoited!

Nail Shape
I saw this pic on Pinterest and instantly thought about growing my nails again.. Hmm..

Mustache Watch
I'm a huge fan of 9gag and saw this watch on Verniece Enciso's blog. Me wants it so bad but it's out of stock in Zebra Moda. Anyone who knows where else can I get this?

That's it! Have a great week ahead everyone!

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