March 9, 2013

Outfit Post: PINK! Saturday

Me and Migs made a couple of commitments today: 
1.) Hangout and talk with my best friend Aiza 
2.) Movie night with Bucky (Miggy's cousin) and her pretty wife Kay.

I know it's shocking pink on pink but Migs won't let me wear it any other way. He loves this color on me and he personally chose this shoes for this top. 
Lipstick: Mac Amplified Creme in Chatterbox

Here's a picture of my BFF :)

Red Mango's Green Tea Yogurt with Blueberries and Mochi 
This is my all-time favorite yogurt combination since I was in college!! YUMMMM!! This is in medium size, I can devour this in five minutes... or less?

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

There's a tiangge happening in Eastwood right now. Kay informed me about this stand that sells NYX products and I immediately went for it because I've been dying to try one.

Fresh Fragance Bar at Eastwood Mall
I just love how this newly opened perfume store matched my outfit. LET'S LOVE!

Since Aiza left early, me and Migs have to come up with a plan on how to kill time. We decided to watch the movie "STOKER". We didn't know what to expect with this movie because we did not watch the trailer. I was just looking for a psycho thing with a twisted plot. Oddly enough I wasn't disappointed and I got what I deserve. If you're looking for a disturbing, psycho story mixed with suspense and gore well this is the shit for yah! I have this thing for filmography and great actors. Though the story line is quite shitty, the filmography is great and the actors makes creepy good enough. (Huge crush on Mia Wasikowska by the way..)  For your curiosity the script of this movie was included in "2010's "Blacklist" of best unproduced screenplay". It's an interesting film.

After watching the mind-bugling movie, we decided to eat at Jack's Loft then went to play billiards at Paeng's. We then watched Jack the Giant Slayer with Kay and Bucky. Jack the Giant Slayer is just so-so. I had a hangover with Stoker and just forgot about this one. Now I am dead-tired and my husband is sleeping soundly beside me already. This is the first time he went to bed earlier than me. I have to go to sleep now because it's National Cheer leading Championship tomorrow!! 
Good Night Y'all!

How was your Saturday?


  1. lovely blog... so pretty..

  2. adorable outfit! pink looks amazing on you :)
    and ohh that's so weird i thought i'm already following your blog =/
    must be some glitches in google+, i followed you again. :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful day ~ XO

    1. Thanks Christine!! I will follow your google+ as well. :)

  3. My Krisella,
    My Saturday was fine. Nyx lippies are creamy, I’d love to collect all shades available.
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines