March 13, 2013

Outfit Post: Touché

I just love how this word is pronounced. "Touché".
This word is used to acknowledge a successful criticism or an effective point in argument. This is not a Word-of-the-Day post. This is just a word that exactly fits my situation right now.

Just like wearing this Mustard Blouse paired with a Royal Blue Blazer, I am not sure if it will work or not but I wore it instead. I am not sure if my life decisions are wrong or right in terms of career or personal life but I decide on my own because I feel comfortable doing so.

"Touché" must be a word that you tell yourself and not something to anticipate from other people.


  1. you look gorgeous! i LOOVE the royal blue blazer, it's really pretty! :)

  2. the blue blazer is perfect for the summer heat! layering without feeling hot, right?:) i think it works.


  3. Hi.I just started blogging and I saw your site. Do you swap membership?We can follow each other thru Google Friend Connect. :) Let me know.Thank you! :)

    All the Love, CJ
    Filipina Blogger/Beauty Enthusiast/Makeup,Skincare & Nail Polish Hoarder
    Proud Pinay!

  4. Hmm. Touche.. Love the definition and it sounds sosyal sissy.. ;)
    I have a few pinay friends on GFC, it's nice to follow each other right?
    Following you now dear.. I hope you can visit my blog too!


    1. thank you Cassie!! followed you on GFC already.. :)

  5. Great combination of my two favorite colors! Way to go! :p

  6. You look so cute <3
    I have browsed through couple of your posts and I really liked what I saw so I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin:)
    Come check out my blog and if you like it you can follow me too on GFC and Bloglovin or FB but you totaly don't have to :)
    Anyways, I'll be coming here more often. You have an amazing blog <3
    Greatings from Sarajevo <3
    Lejla <3

    1. Thank you Lejla for appreciating my posts.. Sorry I wasn't able to update that much because I've been busy at work. I'm glad you liked this latest post of mine. I promise not to disappoint you.. :)

  7. love the outifit! how about we follow each other on GFC? :) xoxo