May 22, 2013

Random Thoughts: Unveiling Xbox One

My husband sent me a link after our shift started through Microsoft Communicator. It's the new Xbox One that Microsoft just unveiled just a couple of hours ago.

It’s a boxy contraption, a bit bigger than the Xbox 360, and it comes in “liquid black”. This time they’ve built in Blu-ray compatibility into the device, and the optical drive bay almost disappears into its front. Half of the top of the Xbox One is vented for air to pass through, which is necessary to cool the innards of the thing. 

The Xbox One is faster than the Xbox 360 by eight times, and its on-board memory has been bumped up to 8GB from the the 360′s 512MB. A 500GB hard drive was designed in-house, like its Blu-ray drive, and a single 40-nanometer AMD chip houses both the CPU and the GPU, as opposed to two separate 90-nanometer ones in the 360. In fact, the system-on-a-chip also contains the memory, audio processors, DRAM and controller logic circuitry.
It makes use of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing platform, and allows you to sync your downloaded and installed games and play them uninterrupted on any Xbox One console.
Not to leave out TV watching, the One allows HDMI pass-through of your cable or satellite box or other device, which you connect to the Xbox, and it in turn connects to your TV. Or you can watch (in the US at least) using the Xbox electronic programming guide, which you can control by gesture, voice or game controller. In fact, this apparently is the Xbox One’s killer app—the ability to access instantaneously all your entertainment services and multitask.

The controller is also different: it’s sleeker, the battery bulge on the back is gone, and the directional pad has been replaced by a cross-shaped one. The Kinect sensor, known to be notoriously temperamental to use, has also been improved and redesigned with a 1080p camera that is great for two-way sensing like for Skype, and is so sensitive it can monitor your pulse by reading skin pigmentation.
These are just a few of the raft of new things Microsoft has presented, and much more will be revealed in the days and weeks to come. Heck, we haven’t even gotten to the new games!
The new Xbox One will be available worldwide “later this year” at a price yet to be disclosed.
me & Pots playing Table tennis
Why am I Oh-So-Excited about this thing? Well.. You won't believe it but I'm a frequent user of Xbox 360 since I gave birth to my daughter. It somewhat helped me lose the baby weight. We might buy this by the end of the year if we can afford the price since my husband has been bugging me to buy his own Xbox. Yayy!! So guys, If you have any idea on how much this will cost, please inform me. :)
I hope you're having a great week! 


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