September 1, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow

Hello there! It's almost a month since I posted and I'm writing through my iPad. How lazy right? So I bought this lip balm a couple of weeks ago but I haven't had the time to review it because my daughter was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. This is one of the worst diseases caught during the rainy season. When I say worst, it's to the extent that my husband got it as well from my daughter. Adults were supposed to be immune from it, but when your immune system is down it can affect us as well. Anyway, it's all over and I'm back! Miss me? ;)

My lips were chapping and cracking and bleeding two weeks ago. So I decided to try this less than Php 90 balm since I'm out of budget because of all the antibiotics that we have to purchase. Lol. (I'm serious though, they're pretty expensive so refrain from getting sick) I only used this for a couple of days and all the lip problems were gone.

In terms of packaging, it is too cute! I admit it's the first thing that caught my eyes before checking it out and buying it. It's neon pink and I love seeing it on my pouch. So girly! Love it! 

For less than 90 pesos you get this much of a product! It smells so great too. It's flavored with mixed berries, but the blueberry scent stands out most.

This is the best thing about this product. It is quite pigmented compared to other lip balms and I love how faint the color is, because it looks really natural! 

Overall, I love this product too much. It's too perfect not to be purchased. I'll buy the other flavors as well. So there you go guys. I realized that it's so hard to blog using an iPad because I can't resize the pictures and I'm not used to the touchscreen keyboard. So I'll just keep this post short and I'll just update it tomorrow. 

Good night!

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