September 30, 2013

Photo Diary: Mika's 2nd Birthday Celebration

I can't believe it's been two years since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. :) The memory of labor and the magical feeling when I first saw her is still fresh to me. Me and my family lived in Lucena City Quezon since I was in high school while my husband is from Quezon City. We made an agreement that we will celebrate Mika's birthday every other year in Lucena. Last year we celebrated her first birthday in Shakey's Tomas Morato, so this year it's time to celebrate in Lucena. It's a tradition here in the Philippines to throw a special party when your child is celebrating his or her first, seventh and eighteenth birthday. So that makes second a non-mandatory year. Lol. But we see to it that we throw her even just a simple but memorable celebration. I want to share with you these happy moments captured using my Samsung Galaxy S4.

September 28

September 28 is her real birth date but since a lot of our family members can't attend that day, we moved it on the next day. We went to church that day to thank God for giving her happiness and good health.

We bought her first birthday cake for her to feel that it is exactly her birthday that day. She loves singing the birthday song and blowing the candle too! :)

Poking on her birthday cake. :))

September 29

We had no luck in finding Lechon de Leche so we bought the bigger version instead. It was too much for all the guests but we just gave them the left-overs for them to make some paksiw the next day.

Mike chose her first outfit. She loves this white tutu since she saw it in the mall.

Have you met my brother Ken? Haha. This was how he looked like when we fetched the balloons.

Minion cake!

Another cake from lolo and lola.




Fried Chicken

The dessert table

Mika blowing her third birthday cake.

I know it's a sinful menu, from the lechon to the fried chicken..

My loves.. <3 p="">

Giveaways for the kids!

Opening some of her gifts:

Minion Cake from Cake Solutions; Catering by Romulo's Catering Services; Lechon from Lechon Cebu

Hope you enjoyed the post! :)


  1. yay happy birthday to your pretty girl =) my baby rhaine would turn two this november =)

    1. Thanks!! Advanced Happy Birthday to baby Rhaine as well.. :)