October 18, 2013

Random Thoughts: Korean Rose items

Last month I won Ms. Camille Co's Php 3,000 worth of GC from Korean Rose. It is an online store that sells Asian-inspired fashion at very affordable prices. They have all the trendiest pieces from K-Pop style snap backs to edgy bags to sky-high heels to the cutest clothes. They even sell matching mother and daughter outfits! Finally, the package arrived yesterday! YAYYY!! What items did I choose? Continue reading..

This coffee colored sweater is what I've been looking for for months now and I'm so happy that Korean Rose have it! Have you watched Warm Bodies already? All I can remember after watching it is this sweater worn by Julie on the climax scene of the whole movie. Here it is:

Photo credit to Google
So I hunt and hunt for this sweater and finally got it! Yayy for me! Korean Rose have an amazing collection of sweaters with great quality just like this one. It's also available in rose pink and white I think.

I fell in love with leopard prints after my father gave me one from Zara last year. I specially love it in chiffon texture because it just works every time for my complexion and it just looks so classy. Though this one's large for me, I'll wear it tomorrow for Sasha's baptism and will try to shoot some OOTD. :)

This item is SO ME! It's The Lippie Monster Bag! Haha! After seeing it from the page, I already decided that I'll get it without thinking twice. :)
If you want to know more about their products, visit Korean Rose Facebook page.