October 14, 2013

Nail of the Day: Chic Nail Color in Raspberry Pink

PINK! is NOT my favorite color. I just like girly stuffs in pink such as lipstick and nail polish. There's something in this color that makes girls so happy because it's such a happy color. Lol. I'm blabbering. Anyway, while doing one of my favorite activity yesterday which is browsing at Watsons, I went to the hand/nail section to buy a new nail cutter and an acetone and saw this shocking pink color at the counter. I grabbed it instantly without any second thought. Wanna know if it's worth it? Continue Reading!

Hey I just noticed that this is my first nail post ever! Gosh what was I thinking? This is soo much fun to do! :) I'm having a happy day today because it's Philippine holiday and I got the whole day with myself AND I got to watch the season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 a while ago. It's such a cliffhanger I wanna watch the next episode already! 

Anyway, going back to this nail polish called Chic Nail Color in Raspberry Pink, I haven't heard or seen it before. Well I know Caronia and Bobbie and regular nail polishes like that but not this one. Maybe it's new but I'm not that sure though. Well I love everything about it! It's pigmented and cheap for Php 30 only. It dries instantly but like any other polish, it has that paint-scent which is totally understandable. Decent products like this one makes me think WHY women buy Php 2,000 - 3,000 worth on freakin' NAIL POLISH?? I will totally understand it if it was lipstick, foundation or any other makeup products. But hey, I haven't tried them yet and maybe (just maybe) I will know why someday, but for now it's a huge WHY for me.

The only downside of this product for me is the brush. It's too thin for application that when you're not fast enough, it dries up quickly and you're left with a line on your nail that will freakin' standout!

Overall, I love this product so much that I can stare at my nails all day. Raspberry pink shade is so cute and pigmented. I can't wait to try their other shades already! It's a great awesome steal for 30 Pesos. Go get one!

Have a great day ahead!

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