January 17, 2014

Random Thoughts: January Cheap Fashion Finds

Black and White Leopard Print Rubber Shoes
My Leopard print addiction started when my father gifted me with a leopard print top from Zara last 2012. I now have four tops in Leopard print mostly in Polyester. As I was browsing my Instagram account last year which is just three weeks ago, I saw this online shop selling rubber shoes in Leopard print. I haven't experienced shopping on Instagram yet and maybe this is the time to try it. I gave in and bought it for only Php 450 plus the shipping fee. Steal! I love it! :) 

FILA Running Shoes
One of my resolution this year is to at least workout once a week to keep my blood circulating. I've been really lazy for the past couple of years because of my job. Me and my husband spotted this rubber shoes on sale. Can you believe I bought it for only Php 1,750? Another Steal! I already used it three times and yes it helps that you buy a new shoes to convince yourself to workout. It's also super comfy and worth it.

The day I bought this dress, I tweeted: "bought a Php100 worth of pretty dress. Lesson: Don't judge a pile of shitty clothes on Sale at Bench. #awesomesteal" 

My husband and I were looking for a dress to be worn the day itself for his uncle's wedding. While my husband is searching for a white undershirt to be worn under his barong, the lady guard did not allow me to enter Bench since I'm holding a drink. So I just browsed products outside through the racks of clothes on sale and I found this. It was priced at Php 250 so I got curious because it's a decent dress for that price and fitted it. I was convinced to buy it. When I was paying for it the cashier only asked for Php 100! Talk about luck? :D

On the same day, I found this dress at Ali Mall. It's worth Php 350 but I made a tawad (bargain) because I'm the buena mano of the store meaning I'm the first one to make a purchase with the store and they think it's lucky so I only paid Php 300. It's a decent pretty dress for that price and I made a mental note to return there.

So those are my cheap finds for this month. Tell me about yours too!


  1. Oooh I love a good bargain. You got a lot of nice stuff and that dress is so pretty on you!