February 27, 2014

A Shoe Review: The Little Things You DON'T Need!

Believe me you don't NEED these shoes. Remember my haul post last November which I think is just less than 2 months ago? I bought these thinking that I paid less and actually saved, but I don't. This is from my experience and I don't intend to ruin any brand's name on this post but I just want to share my honest opinion about it. I bought these at The Little Things She Needs for almost Php 1,200 from their Buy 1 Take 1 deal. I thought it was such a steal because it looked so comfy and nice at first but I was disappointed when I used them for a couple of times.

The front and back part of the shoes started cracking after using it twice only. It also started to darken. This nude pair hurt my heels too. The stitching rubs on to it and my heels turn red to the point that it almost bleeds.  

This is such a disappointment. :( I loved the design because it's so plain and simple and so easy to pair with my clothes. Anyway, don't fall for those Buy 1 Take 1 deals easily. Believe me, you DON'T NEED THESE. As of now I'm just trying to overuse them as much as possible to at-least make the most of what I paid for. I have four pairs of those SM Solemates which I bought for Php 399 from their Buy 1 Take 1 deal earlier last year and they still work perfectly. 


  1. I thought the shoes were comfy. Sayang! I liked them on you.

  2. Aaaww.. Sayang nga! :-S I hate shoes na ganyan. Super sayang sa money. I overuse mo na nga lang. But I'd take note of the brand. Teehee!


    1. I agree! Thank you for the visit Celerhina :)