February 14, 2014

Random Thoughts: Feeling Loved!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Since it's hearts day once again, I'm posting this monthsary gift from my husband back when we're just dating. It's a tooth-shaped box containing some of the receipts and movie tickets from our dates. It also contains memos in different colors that has notes written on them stating different reasons why he loves me. Hand-written letters are still the best gift for me because it shows thoughtfulness and effort and it just feels so personal. Do you agree? To my husband, thank you for this gift. It is by far the sweetest gift I've ever received. I promise to keep it and show it one day to our grand kids. 
(Note: This is even before My Amnesia Girl was shown.)

And the list went on and on.. Do I have the sweetest husband ever? More cheesiness after jump! :)

This was the Tous les Jours cake from my husband for my 23rd birthday

This one's from my mom and dad.

This is my daughter eating the cake! lol.

This is my sister and brother's idea of gift wrapper. Hey it's really eco-friendly by the way!

Tada! Finally, my sister is reading my blog. Haha. This was included on my 2014 wish list. Thank you!

I treated my family for lunch on my birthday at Max's Tayabas Quezon

My beautiful mom and sister

Max's dessert sampler

The crew were so nice to sing me a birthday song and give me a free scoop of ice cream with a birthday candle. Mika was so happy seeing people sing and dance. Thanks to the crew of Max's Tayabas Quezon! :)

On Monday, we dine at Vikings Marikina because they're the only branch with a birthday promo from three days before and three days after. I enjoyed their Sashimi and Oyster by the way.

And finally, this is the gift from my company: a foldable shopping bag.

I am feeling so loved recently and I thank God for having a beautiful loving family. How about you? How's your month so far? Do share! Have a Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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