February 6, 2014

Random Thoughts: My Current Favorite Hair Products

Since I posted my skin care favorites already, I thought why not give hair products a try as well? For the last couple of months, these products has been so helpful with my hair. I underwent a lot of drastic hair changes within the span of two months. For the month of December itself, I did a lot of things with my hair that made me say sorry to it everyday. First is on our Christmas Party where I sprayed it rigorously using this Tresemme Extra Hold Hair Spray. I wanted my hair to achieve that perfect brush-up look as seen on this blog post. After a couple of weeks, my sister wanted to dye her hair so we went to a local salon in Lucena. I thought about dyeing my hair red or a lighter brown but I remember having an "Ombre hair" on my bucket list. So what hair color did I get? Find out after the jump! :)

Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water 100ml (Php 259)
I got this Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water from Belle de Jour. Upon signing up to their new website, they sent me this free hair kit with a conditioner too. This product is so amazing because it beats dryness and humidity. It smells so good too! Do you know why it's called "Miracle Water"? It is because upon pumping it on your hand, it becomes clear like water so it's not sticky and won't give you hair that fresh from the shower look. It gives your hair smoothness and bounciness while being protected from all the harmful humidity and weather changes.

TADA! I got an Ombre by the way. :) This is Pantene Pro-V All Day Smooth Miracle Water in action. It doesn't look wet or dry. It just gives my hair the proper amount of nourishment since it's been harassed with too much dyeing already. Thanks Pantene! 

TRESemme Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray
I can't remember how much it costs but as far as I know it's just less than 50 pesos. I got this before our Christmas party while I was looking for hairpins and a hairspray for the event. It's really effective in holding my hair and it doesn't smell bad. 

Here's the product in action (and selfie!). I've been into hair styling lately and I tried curling my hair since it's so much fun with the Ombre color and long hair. It held my curly hair until the next morning! It's awesome. I will totally recommend this hairspray if you're going to an event that will last for hours. :)


  1. i doubted the pantene's packaging when I saw it in the grocery and got the loreal night essence instead that looks more sturdier (they are just in the same row) but after purchasing I remember liking one of pantene's hair mask that promises to be bouncy. thanks for sharing, might try it after I finish the loreal :)

    1. can't blame you about the packaging.. I easily judge beauty products based on their packaging as well! Do tell me about your experience about this product if you tried it already. Thanks for dropping by Arya! :D

  2. I want that hairspray to go with my hair chalk! Didn't know that they're affordable. :D I have yet to try the miracle water, hope it doesn't weigh down wavy hair!

  3. i love my pantene miracle water too =) would repurchase after finishing it