February 24, 2014

On Creams and Lotions

This is usually how my workstation in the office looks like everyday. I like my necessities to be reachable anytime. Being inside an air-conditioned building, my skin tends to get dry and flaky specially my hands since I can't cover it with my jacket because I have to type on my computer. This is where my favorite hand lotions comes in handy. I actually have two favorite hand creams. First is this Sakura Hand and Nail cream which is a lot cheaper than my other favorite which is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea lotion.

I got this Sakura Hand and Nail Cream (Php 100) from a giveaway I won last year. I've been using it since and I still love it to bits. Though the texture is quite pasty, the formulation never fails to soften my dry hands. Other than being a hand cream, you can also use it on your nails. The scent is a faint mint which is not that obvious. If you're looking for a cheap hand cream that does a great job, this is absolutely recommendable. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea lotion ($13) has been my favorite for years. Though I'm not a fan of the perfume version, I absolutely love this lotion. The scent is just perfection and the texture is just right. If you want to splurge on a hand lotion, I suggest you go for this one because you can never go wrong. 

Have a great week ahead! Don't forget to moisturize! :)


  1. Hi Kaye! I like the Sakura hand cream too! I like that it moisturizes really well.