February 9, 2014

Outfit Post: Things I Learned From Being 22

Yes I just turned 23 today upon posting this blog entry and hey this is an outfit post which you rarely see here. There's so much freshness in this post that I do hope (or wish) I can sustain. Another thing that will blow your mind is that I am posting a list of the things I learned during my 22nd year of existence. Isn't that cool? So where'd I got my idea? Last Friday afternoon as I was browsing through my reading list, I read this Thought Catalog post about the things that the author learned from being 22 and I agreed with most things on the list so I thought why not copy and paste it here? Kidding. I made my own list so read on.

Lipstick: Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic| Top: Old Tommy Hilfiger | Vest: Jewels |
Pants: Forever 21 | Shoes: appnmng | Casio Rose Gold Watch

I know I look happy in these photos but this is where I work and I stay here for 8 long hours in that same sitting position. So high school students if you're reading this post, I am warning you as early as now to not get courses that will make you sit for long hours. It is freaking boring. Haha. By the way here's the list that I'm talking about:

I enjoy talking to other people more. 
I noticed that I enjoy talking to other people more as I was getting older. It amazes me how different people looks at things differently. I see to it that I see right through them and get where they are coming from. People have different beliefs and perspectives in life that it's important for me to always show some respect.

People will treat you badly.
Yep this one sucks. No matter how nice you ask for something or how you approach someone, there will always be a person who's having a bad day or is just plain mean. 

People will judge you.
Middle-aged women buzzing around the corner and sniping at me while I stroll my two year old daughter around the mall always annoys the hell out of me. I know I look too young to have a kid, but hey I think it's not so discreet when you ask me if she's mine or how old I was when I had her. We have a freaking job so we can raise her on our own and you have yours too so you can stop sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. 

It feels good to help other people.
I'm not a perfect person but I at least think I'm a good one. Whenever we can, me and my husband see to it that we contribute to people who needs our help. I am so lucky that I'm married to someone who is generous and thinks the same way I do in terms of charities.

I complain more but I say "Thank You" most.
Basically earning and paying tax here in the Philippines makes you a complainer. We all work hard to make a living so I want to make the most of the money I make so I complain more. I see a lot of things happen everyday and I'm just glad that it doesn't happen to me and my family. There's typhoon almost every year, earthquakes and other things just not worth mentioning. Being grateful or at least being taught to say Thank You a lot is one of the traits that I'm thankful my parents taught me. I see to it that I express gratitude whenever I ask a favor.

Being happily married is possible.
Just because you're young doesn't mean you can't be happily married. Yes we make decisions that are too rash and we are still so immature and we have a lot of things to learn, but sometimes just understanding each other is more than enough to sustain a healthy marriage at a young age. :)

I un-follow people on Facebook.
Admit it or not, Facebook is still the most in-demand social networking site. I am more active in Twitter and Instagram but I see to it that I at least browse my Facebook once a day. I hate seeing a lot of inappropriate posts in there such as: gruesome images may it be an infection, an open wound etc. (WHY DO PEOPLE EVEN SHARE THOSE?) That is why I un-follow people's posts but I don't unfriend them though. 

Reading is informative. 
Yes it is! I may not be that smart but I see to it that I know a bunch of stuffs and words to pronounce. I attain these things through reading. Nowadays, I get so lazy watching television shows specially those news and current affairs shows with hosts that sometimes doesn't even know what they're talking about (Ehem Bandila) that is why I prefer Twitter. I swear twitter is such a worth it site if you follow the right accounts.

I tend to eat a more.
When I was a teenager, feeding me is probably my mom's worst nightmare. I swear I think I'm being punished whenever she tries to feed me. I never got the right amount of nutrients since I was too picky with food, that's why I'm too short. But now, I became hungrier than ever so I eat more. Too bad I can't grow taller anymore. 

I want to look good for myself.
Before, it was about impressing other people or wanting to be noticed. But now, it's all about using makeup and clothes to make yourself feel better because I just feel good doing so. 

Purchasing clothes that are pricier but in better quality.
I love shopping at Divisoria and Greenhills before but I noticed that I easily destroy apparels specially shoes. So I tried some branded clothing lines and was surprised that the products lasts long and it's actually thriftier in the long run because you are saving more when you invest with the clothes and shoes. You don't have to buy a new one when you destroy or overuse cheaper alternatives anymore.

High-end makeup brands are worth it.
Same goes with cosmetics, yes there are really worth it drugstore brands but I can never hide the fact that high-end brands are really the best. I don't know, it just is.

Saving money is more important than purchasing stuffs.
I learned this the hard way. My husband and I spend a lot during our first year of marriage and a lot of unexpected things happened so we learned that having financial savings must be a priority.

Shit happens.
It really does happen so suck it up and move on.

Time is faster.
Time is faster as you grow older and it sucks! So enjoy the small things in life.

Family is more important than you think.
You'll never see it coming but time will eventually come that you'll have to be independent and live on your own. At first, it will be so much fun because you'll get to do all the things that you can't before. But as time goes by, you'll realize that you'll eventually miss being with your family. Spending time with them is different from actually living with them. I miss the mornings that my mom have to pull the bed sheets from my bed just to wake me up because all I got now is my alarm clock. So cherish every moment with your family while you still can. :)

And that concludes some of the things that I learned from my previous year. Learning is a continuous process and those are just fragments of what life taught me so far. I hope you enjoyed this draggy and long post of mine. Don't forget to wish me a happy birthday on the comments section. :) 


  1. Belated happy birthday! I'm glad to see that you learned so much things from the last year. I wish you all the best in the future. <3 I Adore the shoes by the way!

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  2. Pretty as always! I agree on almost everything you said. As you get older, you'll learn the art of "dedma." Caring about what random people think of you is just a waste of time ;)

    1. I cannot agree more! Thanks for taking these pictures by the way.. :)