March 31, 2014

Foodie Week: Café Breton UP AyalaLand Technohub

I haven't really posted anything since last week because I got sick the weekend before and was preoccupied after recovering (or I'm just lazy). I have a bunch of food reviews waiting on my Drafts Folder for my Friday Foodie but I haven't posted for two weeks in a row already. I decided to declare a Foodie Week starting today to lessen the load -- Yay for lazy me! It was pay day weeks ago and my husband asked me to treat him since he's been tired and stressed with his work load. He's been working out everyday too so he tries to eat less. I then declared a cheat day and decided to eat out for dinner to at least make him happy with the food he's about to eat. Since we can't go out of the vicinity because it's still our office hours, we decided to choose our favorite crepe place which is Café Breton. We dined in this place for more or less six times already and we haven't had any bad experience yet. Seriously, I think everything we ate in this place has always been good and satisfying.

Galette Paysanne (Php 287.00) has always been my safe order in Café Breton. It is what I order every time I dine there. This Hungarian sausage is the best Hungarian sausage that I've ever tasted. The combination of celery and mushroom sauce is so divine, even made better with the combination of the fried egg. It's a great meal you can eat anytime of the day which is high in protein as well.

Chocolate Milkshake (Php 125.00)

To try something new, my husband ordered the Chocolate Milkshake. It's our first time to try their drinks since we always opt for water because their food is pricey already. Not to mention, they still charge a 5% service charge from the overall bill. Anyways, this chocolate milkshake is surprisingly not that sweet. You can tell that the ice cream used is in good quality because you can taste the chocolate and milk alone without any other ingredients. It is so smooth and creamy. You can finish the whole milkshake without experiencing any ice chunks. So far, this is the best milkshake I had in a restaurant. It is even better than Shakey's which was our favorite.

It was my first time ordering Poseidon (248.00) since I always go for Galette Paysanne. I love everything about this smoked salmon wrapped in sour cream and dill sauce -- except the capers. Those pea-like seeds on top is the worst seed (or whatever it is) I've ever tasted. I think it's to add more sour-y seasoning but it's not for everybody. It's like the pickles in hamburger, some may like it but I'm one of those who don't. Though the serving is quite small for the price, I think it's worth the flavor.

Strawberry Milkshake (Php 125.00)

I wasn't really planning to order any drink but after tasting the Chocolate Milkshake, I decided to order a Strawberry Milkshake (Php 125.00) as well. Just like the chocolate milkshake, the strawberry version is equally yummy. It is so creamy and smooth and  have strawberry chunks as well.

Sloppy Taco Dog (200.00)  is Migs' favorite. It's an all beef sausage slathered with meat sauce in a hot dog bun. It is topped with shredded cheese, tomatoes and chopped onions. In just one bite, you can tell that the beef sausage used is in high quality. No wonder, this is one of their best sellers! Know more about this Sloppy Taco Dog at Edible Cravings.

Just like Galette Paysanne, Blueberries and Cream crepe (Php 228.00) is one of my usual order in Café Breton. It's because I love Blueberries and I love the Vanilla ice cream that comes with it. This is pretty much straightforward. You'll get what you expect upon trying this crepe. The amount of sweetness is just right and the ice cream and Blueberries serving is generous as well. If you want the safest crepe to order, you can never go wrong with this one.

If you want to risk and try something exciting and different, you have to go for Cherries Jubilee Flambé (265.00). Other than being served with igniting flame (literally), this cherry infused crepe is full of flavor. The combination of caramel ice cream and syrup with the rum flambé is perfection.

My husband is such a great photographer, he successfully snapped the perfect second that I blinked (Lol. Peace Cupcake!). Too bad I wasn't wearing any eyeshadow that day. Overall, Café Breton will always be one of those restaurants that we'll frequent until we get tired of it which is far from happening. If you're within the area and haven't tried it yet, I guarantee you that it's worth every cent.

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