March 14, 2014

Friday Foodie: Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place

Hello everybody! It's Friday once again and I'm here to make you salivate from one of the restaurants I visited recently on this Friday Foodie post. This is the first restaurant that my husband and I visited twice in just one month. Ally's All-day Breakfast place is a relatively new restaurant along Malingap street at Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. They offer a wide variety of breakfast food from pancakes, waffles, french toasts and more that you can enjoy anytime of the day.

Our first visit was at 1 PM in the afternoon and all the tables are occupied inside the air-conditioned room so we got seated outside. Good thing the weather is still gloomy last February. The location was easy to find because it's just a couple of streets away from Pino which is a restaurant that we tried last year with my office mates.

My husband having a sweet tooth, ordered the Death by Chocolate Overdose (Php 260.00) which is a combination of three chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup all over. It also has chocolate chips and chocolate ice cream on top. This is big which is good for sharing already. If you have a sweet tooth you have to try this when you visit. Indeed this is Chocolate Overdose!

On the other hand, I ordered this Bacon Dynamite (Php 100.00) as our appetizer and I wasn't disappointed with the one hundred peso price tag. The bacon wrapped around the dynamite is so crunchy and oily, just the way I like it. Though the spiciness of each dynamite is not consistent, I love being surprised as to which one is the spiciest. This appetizer comes with a mayonnaise dip as well.

As for my main course I got this Cheesy Bacon Fritata (Php 130.00) which is nothing like what I expected. I am so disappointed with the presentation because I was expecting a folded omelet or something. I can make a better omelet than this one too. Notice that the bacon is not distributed equally. It's just on the upper right part of the omelet. Though the serving is big, I can't see why it's on their best-seller list.

For my drink, I got this hot Rich Chocolate (Php 50.00). Obviously, they use Swiss Miss' Rich Chocolate because I've been drinking it during my college days. So those were the food we ordered on our first visit. Overall, the service was fast but I would really appreciate it if they use a paper and pen when getting orders instead of trying to memorize it then coming back afterwards because Ate forgot what I said. As for the food, everything was satisfying except for the Cheesy Bacon Fritata which is not so worth it.

Our second visit happened on a Saturday morning. Again the air-conditioned room was jam-packed and we were initially seated outside but we transferred inside when a table was available. Unlike our first visit, the service wasn't that great. The food took some time to come out and the female crew were somewhat in a heated argument with the gay servant inside the restricted area. The lady took the orders and later on the gay servant were the one to deliver it and gave our bill. I don't know what they're going through but I don't think it's necessary to show the customers whatever it is. We were there to enjoy a good breakfast not a teleserye scene.

On the positive side, my husband enjoyed this DIY Waffles (Php 180) with Peanut Butter and Nutella. This is another great option from their menu. You can create your own pancake or waffle and select your toppings and whatnots.

For the side dish, Migs had some Hash Brown (Php 55) and Bacon (Php 55). The hash brown is yummy! It's nothing like McDonald's dry and falling apart hash brown. The serving is pretty big as well. As for the bacon, well bacon is bacon. It's always good, but the serving is pretty small.

I had this Amazing Almond French Toast (Php 130) which I have no other word to describe other than "amazing!". I'm coming back for more of their french toast.

Overall, Ally's is a happy place for breakfast people like my husband. Their food is great and reasonably priced but their service is obviously lacking experience and should be developed. Honestly, I can still see myself coming back for more of their great breakfast food choices but I'm afraid that has to wait for a while because of my last encounter. 


  1. Oh wow, sugar overload!! Everything looks so delicious but feels like I'm gonna have a diabetic coma after I ate all those haha, looks so yummy though! Especially the "Death by Chocoloate Overdose" :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


    1. It's really good though. You should try it when you visit here in Manila. :)

  2. Breakfast All Day! Their food looks amazing.

    1. Yes they are amazing! You should try it too.