March 19, 2014

Random Thoughts: What your Wardrobe Needs this Summer (For Men and Women)

Last week I was emailed by a friend from Paul Fredrick asking me to do an article about the trends that I'm looking forward to wear this spring. I headed over to my Pinterest account since I've always made boards about summer fashion and found these on my pins. Now I have an answer to this question so read on.

Maxi Skirts
I am so happy that Maxi Skirt is a hit nowadays. It's a great item to wear if you don't feel like showing some legs. You can still be fashionable without showing some skin, just wear a colorful maxi skirt and you're in style for summer already. It's easy to match as well. You can wear it with sleeveless top, long sleeve and even cropped tops.

Coral and other Bright Colors
Other than sexy tops and short shorts, I am more excited about the pop of bright colors to be worn during the summer season. No more gloomy and dark coats! I specifically like seeing coral items during summer for women. It just reflects the joy and warmth and is also great in pictures too. This color is really photogenic so you can take your selfie anytime you want wearing a coral dress and instantly look happy.

T-Strap Sandals
I've been obsessing with T-Straps recently, may it be a heeled sandals, flats or even wedges. There's something about this design that makes it so sexy. Maybe it's because of the strap hugging the Achilles? I am not sure but I think this item is a must have this summer. It's so easy to pair as well. You can match it with a skirt, shorts or even skinny jeans.

Last Monday, I brought my husband shopping to the nearest mall because it's summer already and his wardrobe consists of different shades of black and grey. Knowing the heat here in the Philippines, it will be excruciating and an air-conditioned car won't do it while travelling to the office. The tricky part though while shopping for men's corporate attire is how to make an outfit work while still being comfortable and stylish. Being in a company that requires formal attire from Mondays through Thursdays, it is really hard to dress-up comfortably during the summer season.

The first item that I have here for men is a light colored dress shirt. I you're working for a company with a strict dress code, you should have a light colored dress shirt for office during summer season. It doesn't necessarily have to be in white, it just have to be in a cool color that won't attract heat so you'll feel comfortable and at the same still look fresh and presentable. Also, be sure that the dress shirt you'll wear is 100% cotton.

If you are required to wear a tie every day, I suggest you replace your dark masculine ties for a bit and go for a floral one. A tie allows you to pull together the different elements of your wardrobe with a touch of texture or complementary color. Wearing a floral tie during summer will suggest that you're following trends and actually enjoying the season.

This is my favorite item on a man's wardrobe, Pleated Shorts! I think this is the counterpart of a woman's short shorts. Though wearing pleated shorts can sometimes be tricky, it's really fun to mix and match. I suggest you go for a pair of shorts in a summer color, like this one in yellow. You can pair it with a shirt with a hint of the same color; go with color-blocking or even just as simple as a white cotton shirt and you're good to go. It's also easy to pair with a low-cut rubber shoes or even a pair of loafers.

That's it; those in my opinion are the summer wardrobe essentials for men and women this spring season. If you want to know more about professional styling for men you can visit Paul Fredrick's blog post here.

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  1. I love the maxi skirt and the dress! They're really perfect summer clothes.

    1. Yes! We should wear those this summer. :)