April 11, 2014

Project Pie Eastwood City: Friday Foodie

Okay so this picture reminds me so much about my long Ombre hair and my AWESOME Project Pie experience. It was a Wednesday night two weeks ago when my husband and I decided to catch the last full show of Captain America at Eastwood City. Having more than an hour of idle time, we decided to eat somewhere for dinner and we noticed that Project Pie is still open. They were supposed to close at 11 PM but they still accommodated us as their last customer for the night. Yay for Project Pie! :)

The interior of this place reminds me so much about making a "project" literally back when I was still at school. The oven is designed to look like an illustration board and the walls are filled with quotes using permanent markers.

Project Pie Menu
Upon entering, you will be asked to order by number or build your own. I opted for number 5 while Migs went for number 2 so we'll have both white and red pizza. After choosing, you can add your toppings. No matter how much you add, you will just pay the amount of Php 285.

Project Pie Pizza Toppings

TADA! Here's our newly baked pizzas!

Migs' pizza is more on the meaty side. The bacon and ham flavors are very evident even in just one bite.

On the other hand, my pizza is more on the cheesy side like me! Lol.

Overall, our Project Pie experience is one of the most exciting dining experience for me and my husband. We love the fact that we have the control on how our pizza will turn out. Plus, no matter how much toppings you add the price is fixed! Baking the pizza may take some time if there's a lot of customers. If you're planning to dine here, I suggest that you must be willing to wait.


  1. The place looks nice. The pizza looks yummy. Kaso parang bitin sakin isang pizza.

    1. damihan mo na lang toppings. Hahahaha!!

  2. They look extremely delicious!