April 1, 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone! I've been receiving a lot of award requests lately and I haven't had any spare time to answer them because as I mentioned in my previous post, I am so lazy this March. I got sick twice last month alone and summer is finally here already. Anyway, I decided to do this Sunshine Blogger award since the last award I did was Liebster which was last year pa. BTW Here are the rules:
- post a picture of the Sunshine Award
- post 11 facts about yourself
- answer 11 questions (same as the blogger who nominated you)
- link back to the blogger who nominated you
- nominate 11 bloggers too (no tag backs)
- let the bloggers know about your post

The 11 facts about ME:
- My daughter is 2 years and 6 months already and I gave birth to her when I was just 20.
- I'm afraid of any creature with beaks.
- I have a weakness for pink lipsticks, leopard prints and chocolate anything.
- I love reading Dystopian Young Adult Books.
- Breakfast is not really my thing unless my mom cooked it.
- I don't cook and dance.
- I have a thing for action movies. Some of my top movies are Die Hard and the Bourne film series.
- Drinking beer and shots are my favorite sports back in college.
- Speaking of sports, I run fast. Like really fast for a 23 year old girl with a daughter and a desk job
- Seafood is my least favorite food. Luckily, my husband's allergic to it! Meant to be?
- Contrary to popular belief, I'm really kind and approachable though I look snob and intimidating at first.

Questions from Kei of Brushes and Pens:

What do you prefer to do on Christmas, open gifts or give gifts?
-- I don't really receive gifts on Christmas nowadays so it's giving gifts.

Party invitation, do you prefer to wear a dress or pants?
-- Dress of course!

What designer would you like to model for?
-- If I'm really tall (I wish) and graceful (not even close), I would love to see myself in a Vera Wang dress because I've always admired her simple but super classy designs.

A model you wish you were?
-- Tyra Banks! She's really inspiring and she empowers women of all sizes and race.

When you go on a date do you prefer Movies or Bowling?
-- Movies definitely!

Which will you have to like, a mountain or the beach?
-- Both! I love the peacefulness of the beach, but I love the excitement of climbing a mountain too.

Favorite Lip Balm?
-- Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow

Restaurant or home made food?
-- Restaurant food

Eggnog or Champagne?
-- Can I go for Beer? Haha.

From all of your blogger followers, who would you want to meet?
-- Christine of http://www.chriissydollxo.com/. She's lovely! :)

My nominees are:
- Christine of http://www.chriissydollxo.com/
- Regina of http://www.ediblecravings.net
- Joie Sabordo of http://www.abubblylife.net/
- Jolly of http://www.theredlippieadventures.com/
- Chamee of http://blog.misslitratista.com/
- Elaine of http://flabsruletheworld.com/
- Pinky of http://www.pinkyparra.com/
- Gem of http://www.rarevanity.net/
- Hazel of http://dressmeupbuttercup.com/
- Seul of http://justcallmeitgirl.blogspot.com
- Shay of http://latebeautybloomer.blogspot.com


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination Krisella! :) I dislike seafood too, especially shrimp, I can't stand it!

    1. Yayy! Good to know I'm not the only one.. :)