June 22, 2014

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 20 Days of Lipstick Challenge

I am obviously obsessed with lipsticks and hoarding them is one of my hobbies. BUT wearing all of them is impossible because I tend to use a new lipstick for a week or two then completely forget about having them except for the MACs (they're my faves). Last week, I found a solution on how I can remedy my lipstick usage problem.

I read about this 20 Days of Lipstick Challenge in my new favorite blogger Softly Sometimes. I've been reading her blog obsessively since two months ago and she just makes sense every time. I love her writing style! Anyway. The rule is really simple, I just have to wear a different lipstick every single day in a span of 20 days. Instead of doing a weekly update, I'll just compile everything in a single post by the end of the July.

Sounds easy? I highly doubt it, because there are tubes here that is not that wearable for day time specially my Reds. But what the hell? I'm up for this challenge. GAAAAAH I'm so excited. :) :) :)

Are you up for this challenge too? Do share!