June 30, 2014

Cuteness Overload! Handmade Cupcake Soap from Miss Selby's

Happy Monday everyone! Monday is the shortest horror story and the start of yet another week at work or school. Do we have a choice? No. BUT to make this day interesting, I made a post for this really CUTE Cupcake! I'm sorry, it's not a real one though. My husband's boss Arwen sent me this handmade cupcake soap from Miss Selby's. We're friends in Facebook and I think she intentionally sent me a cupcake-looking soap because she knows that we use the word "Cupcake" as our endearment. How cheesy! I know. (LOL) 

More cutesy pictures after the jump!

The Cupcake soap is inside a cupcake box and even tied with a pink ribbon.

TADA! Here it is!

I'm sorry for the photo-heavy post. I just can't help but snap cute pictures of this super cutesy little thing. It smells like vanilla and sweets -- Exactly like a Cupcake. The scent never fade, though the color and shape starts to deteriorate after three to four usage. It always feel like washing my hands with a Vanilla. It is moisturizing as well. :)

Overall, I wish there will be more available handmade and organic products here in the Philippines too. I wish they'd be affordable as well. This handmade soap is a perfect gift idea. I googled Miss Selby's and found out that they have a lot of other organic products like soy candles, bath bombs, shampoo bars and more. If you want to know more about their products, you can visit http://www.missselbyssoap.com

Have a great week ahead! :)

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