June 9, 2014

Matchy-Matchy Coach Bag and Wristlet + Pasalubongs

Years have passed since my teenage years but I still believe in asking for "signs" whenever I feel lost. Today, I realized that things will fall into place if it's really meant for you, just like this Coach wrist-let. My husband came home from his three-weeks U.S. business trip in Ohio and bought me the Coach handbag in the picture as a pasalubong. I ordered a blue wrist-let yesterday from my office mate and minutes after logging in here in the office, I saw her post this on her Instagram account. I bought it instead of the blue one since it matches my new bag and I am so happy about it! I really believe that it was meant for me.

Honestly, I am feeling somewhat lost now in decision making department. It's also weird that I'm writing some personal stuffs when my main purpose for this post is to share the things that my husband bought me but anyways.. It's really intimidating how a decision can ruin or construct anything right? Anyway, I think this Coach bag incident is a sign that I should just chill my ass and wait for things to fall into place. :)

If you're wondering what else he bought me, there's also this Fossil wallet which is really gorgeous.

Migs also bought me this Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue perfume which was my perfume back in college. I will never get tired of sniffing it on my wrist. He also bought me a bunch of makeup like this MAC Rebel lipstick and MAC Impassioned lipstick. 

Thank you so much Cupcake for these! I am so happy you're back, that was the longest three weeks in my entire human life. Lol. Love you!