September 4, 2014

On Hand Creams and Body Lotions Vol. 2

It has been exactly three weeks today since I last posted. I was really busy the past few weeks and things piled up one after the other. There isn't much free time in my day to day activities which was ironic since I've been receiving new products from my relatives since last month. Rarely do I even find time to review those "new products" that I recently acquired (ahem! EOS balm). Anywhoo. I am hoping that I'll be back on track starting next week, but I won't promise since September entered with a blast too. (Le sigh)

Hand creams and lotions are my second (if not, third) favorite vanity product right after lipsticks. I always feel so giddy inside whenever my relatives hands me a new tube or a bottle of lotion. Last month, some of them came home for vacation and they gave me these as pasalubongs. Yay!

Victoria's Secret Ultra-Moisturizing hand and body cream in Love Spell
My uncle Fidel gave me this Victoria's Secret  Ultra-Moisturizing hand and body cream. We're all familiar with the body lotion line and the Love Spell scent. But the interesting part is this cream formula. It is my first time to encounter the cream formulation from VS. It is not creamy and it was rather thicker than most creams. You have to rub it a few more times to let it sink in your skin. This hand  and body cream is good for those who are living in really cold areas. It's timely though because the weather is often cold and wet nowadays. Can you believe it's "BER" month again?
Who doesn't LOVE Love Spell? As far as I know, it is the most preferred Victoria's Secret scent. The Cherry Blossom and Peach mixture is just so intoxicating that makes it pleasant for everyday use. This intensive formula is fortified with replenishing Avocado and hydrating Honey. It is effective for rich, 24-hour moisture, focusing on dry, rough ares.

Hollister Body Lotion in Solana Beach
A Hollister lotion! Yes it's my first time to see one too. I did not even know that they sell lotions. This lotion is the complete opposite of the VS cream. The texture of this one is almost watery. That is why it easily dissolves and sinks into the skin. The color reminds of a bubblegum which is just so cute! Though I think they're aiming for an ocean-ish vibe. But anyways the scent itself makes me imagine the beach while lying under the sun and sipping a Mojito. This lotion is summer in a bottle. :)

The packaging like any other Hollister products is just perfection. I think I will keep the bottle even after finishing it. Hehe. For $12 you get 250 ml worth of summer in a bottle! Not bad, eh? So those are two of my recent hand cream and body lotion discoveries. I am so excited for volume 3. Tell me about yours!

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