September 10, 2014

Recent Eats Vol. 2 - I love Bacon!

I was browsing my phone the other day when I saw a remarkable number of food photographs. There's a "Recent Eats" post back in March, so I decided for a Volume 2 edition. To make it more interesting, I included one that I personally cooked. Enjoy!

My Home-cooked Carbonara
To begin with, this is my husband's recipe of home-cooked Carbonara. I tried replicating it and passed my family's standards. Yay! We always use ribbon pastas because my daughter loves eating (or playing) with the ribbon-shaped ones. Having a toddler with us makes it a lot more fun cooking because we always consider the fact that it should be virtually appetizing for her to even bat an eye. Maybe I'll post a recipe here, but I warn you though that there's nothing vegetarian here. We love BACON too much!

Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Pilipit
Kamayan sa Palaisdaan is the most famous restaurant in Quezon province because of its well-known floating bamboo set-up. Other than their food and ambiance, this Pilipit made of squash makes us come back for more. This is just 7 pesos per piece, and the taste and size hasn't changed even a bit since I was in high school.

"I told you I love Pilipit!"
As I was writing this, I thought about including this awkward picture of mine back in 2010 while I was enjoying my Pilipit. My sister is just the best candid photographer. I think I took a shot of her just like this, but more recent. Hehe. Love you sis!

Magnolia Flavor House Seafood Marinara
What's a "Recent Eats" post without a letdown item? Well, here's one from Magnolia Flavor House. This costs almost 300 pesos but the serving size did not deliver, so is the err.. "flavor". It just tasted bland with the tomato sauce pasta and a bit of seafood. I'll follow my instincts next time and just go for their ice creams since it is what the brand Magnolia screams.

Blueberry Cheese-cups (?) 
My office mate Mon who sells G-Shock watches, also bakes some awesome Blueberry cheese-cups. Though I'm not that sure what to call it: cheese-cups? mini-cheesecakes? It's just 150 pesos per 6 pieces inclusive of the box. You can contact him here: What the Shock

8 Cuts Burger Blends
Last but not least is my most recent eat from my pig-out session last Friday. This was our second time dining in 8 Cuts which was rare since we like exploring different restaurants especially burger joints. I forgot what I blended the first time we were there, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't that satisfied. It's great that I gave in and gave it another chance because I finally appreciated 8 Cuts! This blend is made of the Steak Cut and some additional Bacon. It's really mouthwatering. I told you I really love Bacon!

Comment about your recent eats below!