September 25, 2014

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe's Hickory Smoked Spare Ribs: Unexpected Scrumptious Reward

Three weeks ago I decided to revisit my interest in running. My cardio is at its worst and my hormones are acting up. My face is a home for little red bumps and I gained more than ten pounds for the last three months, PLUS I'm breaking out. Can you imagine the horror that I'm into right now? That is why I thank my recent comeback in running because other than giving me exercise, it is fun to have an activity to look forward to every now and then. 

Speaking of my recent comeback, I started running again at the UP Sunken Garden three weeks ago since my office mates recently established a football club with a practice being held every Saturday in the area. After running that night, we decided to dine somewhere near since I was really hungry from running already. The Chocolate Kiss Cafe was conveniently near the field and I heard about their famous Devil's cake so you can imagine my excitement about eating that time.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to try the Devil's cake because it was sold out already at 8 PM. On the brighter side, I get to try their Hickory Ribs which I had the lowest expectations with. This grilled pork spareribs with Hickory sauce and buttered corn kernels are served with rice for Php 210. But I opted to have it served with garlic mashed potatoes for Php 235 instead. I thought the one in Bannaple was the best in the area until I tried this. The Barbecue sauce has the right amount of sweetness that everyone will surely love. The meat was cooked to perfection that I can compare to a medium-rare. It's sooo good! The mashed potato was worth mentioning too. The combination of butter and pepper was so simple yet so delectable.

Another delightful surprise from Chocolate Kiss is the bottomless iced tea. I'm not a huge iced tea fan because I like the realness of the hot tea. Plus, I find iced teas too sweet for my liking. Lo and behold, an iced tea that hot tea lovers will surely love. For 70 pesos, Chocolate Kiss' offers a bottomless tea without added sugar. They gave me a separate glass of honey for me to mix depending on my taste. I got some Calamansi as well to balance the sweetness and add some citrus-y taste.

Overall, our dining experience was pleasant. The food came out shortly after ten to fifteen minutes and the servers were friendly and accommodating. I am looking forward to dining in The Chocolate Kiss Cafe every after my running sessions. Hopefully, I'll be able to try the Devil's cake soon. 


  1. Sayang yung Devil's Cake! Minsan dumadaan pa ako dyan para lang sa cake :P

    1. Oh no!! still haven't tried it yet. :(