October 6, 2014

How It Feels To Lose a Lipstick

One of the last pictures using the lipstick
It is not just any lipstick, but a MAC lipstick. 
It is not just any MAC lipstick, but a shade that is not available in our local MAC counters.
It is not just a shade that is not available here, but it was a gift from my aunt Lisa from Canada. 
Any shade guesses? 

Yep. It's the MAC Vegas Volt.

Reality Bites
I can't contain the panic feeling upon realizing that I lost my Vegas Volt. It is was one of those lipsticks that I refuse using every day because this shade is not available locally and I have to limit the swipe so I can use it during special occasions only. Yesterday was quite special since we had to attend two birthday parties back to back. I even wore the expensive top that my daddy bought me which I rarely use as well. This is the first time that I misplaced lost a lipstick and it hurts like a bitch. I am not a person who usually misplaces things so I know if it's really missing. Some of you may say: "Oh look at this stupid girl crying over a lipstick." Yes and I even made a blog post about it. But I just want to share how it feels to lose something that is rare and important but you rarely take advantage of. Though it's just a stupid lipstick, it's hard to replace. It's not irreplaceable per se, but it may take me months or even a year to have another tube of that specific shade. Also, it has sentimental value since my aunt gave it to me as a token of appreciation for writing a blog post about the first MAC lipstick that she gave me. I may acquire another MAC Vegas Volt lipstick but it won't have the same value as the lost one did.

Moving On 
To commemorate my lost lipstick, I changed my profile picture on Facebook to my last solo picture snapped while wearing MAC Vegas Volt. This was taken right after the first party that we attended yesterday.  It never failed to brighten my face even in my worst skin condition. (Le sigh) The lesson I learned though is to take advantage of the things you can grab until it's still accessible. Because you will realize that you could have done it earlier when it's already gone. Oh well, I am just really thankful that I did not lose anything of greater value. I always believe that after a storm comes calm too. There's always something good happening right after a not so happy one. 

Maybe it's not meant for me and someone else deserves it better than I do. But to whoever she is, I really do hope that she has a warm skin tone. ;)


  1. I think I will feel the same way when I lose something that has sentimental value, it just happened that yours was a lipstick. Maybe you can ask your aunt for another shade? Hehe. :-)

    1. I'm actually contemplating if I should as for another shade. Hihi. Thanks Juvy!