January 16, 2015

What's Up?

Happy New Year! The last time I updated this blog was a month ago. I know I haven't been that active in blogging lately. 2014 was a year of adventure for me because I tried a lot of new things that are indeed memorable. In terms of beauty, I lie lowed a bit due to my sudden breakout since last August. I decided to keep everything natural with just my lipstick being my statement. As I am writing this post, I must say that it's quite nostalgic. I missed writing here! As much as I want to write in details everything I did last year, I'm afraid I might bore you. But hey, I'm here to update this blog so let's begin with some of the things that are worth mentioning about my 2014.

Embracing Natural Look
These aren't completely my face without anything on it. I just preferred natural looking makeup last year that only emphasizes the eye and the lip area. Mascara was my best friend last year as well as lip and cheek tints. The upper left photo was my FOTD on our annual Christmas Party last December. Earth-toned Smokey eyes, MAC Please Me and some wavy hair did it for me. Plum lippie stole my heart last year as well (see lower right photo). I loved wearing it in the office since it gives that instant taray effect and the illusion of good-looking skin which I badly needed last year.

Pimples with the capital "P"
Little pimples and red bumps was everywhere. There are even a couple of aligned pimples on my right cheek. I didn't know what triggered it but discontinuing foundation certainly helped it heal. Daily cleansing, scrubbing and pealing absolutely nailed those connect-the-dot little pimpies as well. Lesson learned: Focus more on skin care with the capital "S".

Reading in Moderation
Exactly, that's what I need to learn this year, to read in moderation. It's nice that I read a lot of books last year and I don't regret it. But it became like an obsession (or addiction) that sometimes I can't make myself calm down without finishing a really good book. But hey, I experienced my first book signing event last year. It was so worth it to meet an author that inspires me in the best way possible. Hey, you should add me on Goodreads if you haven't already. You won't regret it. This year, I'm planning to read only 50 books. Hehe. :)

The Climb
Doing something for the first time will always have that awesome magical feeling. There is hesitance, excitement and discovery all at the same time. I climbed my first mountain last June and there's no word to describe the bliss that I felt on the summit. So I did it again last November and I must say that it didn't lose the magic on the second try. We'll see though on my third, fourth and fifth try this year. I am so excited!

Lifestyle Blog
Restriction is what I'm afraid of showcasing here in the blog. I want this to be diversified and broad without limiting the posts to just beauty. Also, bear with me if I don't post as regularly as before. I don't want to drag myself into writing things I don't feel writing as of the moment. When 2014 started, I told myself that I will just blog whenever I want and just when I feel like it. It's not like I'm in a contract or something to feel obligated to post something.

So those are my updates for January 2015. How about you? What's Up?

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