February 16, 2015

A Chanel Lipstick For Valentine's Day!

My husband noticed that I've been clinging more on my nerdy side rather than my Kikay side recently. I didn't even get a lipstick for Christmas, and it was months since I wore a full-face makeup. Maybe it's because of all the hiking activities I participated last year that I appreciated my natural look more. But anyway, he decided that he wants to get me some new toys (lipsticks) to rekindle my love with beauty products. Contrary to popular mindset of men that they want women makeup free, my husband thinks otherwise. He likes it when women put a little effort on how we look. Yes! Yes, definitely married the right man!
On Valentine's Day, the initial plan is to get me some Nars Audacious lipsticks since I've been lusting over those for months now. Unfortunately, we were at Greenbelt 5 already when we were informed that stocks won't be available until the last week of February. Bummer! I decided to just wait for it since it's just two weeks from now. But my husband refused to agree because he really wants to get me something that day. (Thank you Valentine's Day social media pressure.. Haha!) Being an avid online review reader for years now, I am most afraid (and excited) whenever I have to go to a makeup counter that I know nothing about. Alas, I gave Migs my widest grin when we walked over the Chanel counter. 

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatch Fest
You can say that I went swatch crazy! Now I know the difference between their different formulations: Rouge Coco Shine, Rouge Coco, Rouge Allure Luminous and Rouge Allure Velvet. Whew! Those are quite wordy. Rouge Coco Shine is shimmery and very sheer for my taste so I instantly stopped swatching those after three or four tries (look at row 2). I remember reading a lot of rants about Rouge Allure Velvet because of the drying formula, so I skipped that too thinking if I wanted matte, I'll just go to a MAC counter. I ended up getting a Rouge Coco.

I need a lipstick this big!

I had so much fun swatching and browsing Chanel products last Valentine's Day. Thank you to my husband for this thoughtful gift. Can you guess what shade I got?

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