April 2, 2015

March was Awesome!

Again, I got really busy these past few months with everything that has been going on in my personal life. It has been really great! March was the "awesomest" month of this year so far. It was scary and life changing but I can say that it is going really well for me. Another YOLO move from me y'all! I am proud to say that I am so blessed and happy. 

Anyways, I chopped my hair off last month just like every year. Every summer, I chop it off shoulder-length maybe because of the weather, but most probably because of a new beginning. Women are like that, we tend to express our new endeavors by changing our hair. Agree? Another thing is that I am wearing lesser and lesser makeup everyday. Am I blaming the summer season again? Maybe yes, but I think it's more because I am enjoying my natural look. A brush of some loose powder and lipstick then I'm good to go. :)

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