June 14, 2016

What's in my Bag?

It's been almost 3 years since I made a post like this one. Whenever I watch vlogs and read blogs, I find myself leaning towards this kind of post. Maybe it's because it's interesting to know the contents of one's belonging. Especially the content of the container that someone totes around all day. Personally, I'm one of those who never bring large bags with me, unless I'm with my daughter on a long trip. For my daily tote, I still use my Coach sling bag from two years ago. Migs bought it for 70% OFF for less than $45 (around Php 2,000) in a Memorial Day sale. I think I made the most out of that price tag already. Haha. Brace yourself, here are the contents of my daily tote!

The Basics Needs
I categorized the contents of my bag in three. For the first category, here are my basic needs. These are the items that can never change or go missing inside my bag. The other things can be left in the house, but these I can't go without.

1. Charles and Keith Wallet - This wallet is a pasalubong from my sister from Singapore. She said this brand is a lot cheaper there because it's a Singaporean brand.
2. Extra Gums - I started purchasing this gum some months ago and I did not stop since then. It's always easily available in grocery stores and I recently read "Every Exquisite Thing" by Matthew Quick so I have a bias towards the brand Wrigley's.
3. Giggles Baby Wipes  - Every living individual in this world needs some wet wipes, believe me.
4. King Floss - Yeah I'm in the flossing team.
5. Vicks - My daughter tends to have a motion sickness sometimes. I forgot my White Flower though which is even more Tita vibes than Vicks. Haha.
6. Johnson's Baby Lotion - I hate it when my hands and arms are dry.
7. Vitress - About my hair, I don't treat it anymore. This is my natural hair already so I take care of it and avoid more fallouts. 
8. Green Cross Alcohol - Just like wet wipes, everyone needs this.
9. Johnson's Baby Powder - still the best for facial oil control!
10. Keys, Keychain and a Whistle - I need a big keychain to easily find my key inside my bag. The whistle is from my mom. She insists I have it for emergency purposes. Thanks mom!
11. Broken Comb - My daughter broke it. 
12. Pantyliner - The technique is to put some cash inside the extra pantyliner or napkin for emergency purposes. Thanks Pinterest for this idea!

The Kikay Needs

13. Eyebrow Shaver - If I should choose only one feature of my face to never ever change until the day I die, I will choose my eyebrows. I get a lot of question on how I groom them because it's too thick. Thank goodness there's Cara Delevigne who made thick and unruly eyebrows preferable. I don't fill or pluck my eyebrows since two years ago so I just shave the excess strands whenever I feel like doing so.
14. Atleast 2 Lipsticks - So I have a choice depending on my mood. 
15. Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm - been raving about this product since two years ago. I use it to prep my lips for lipsticks, to remove lipstick stains, and whenever I feel my lips are dry.
16. Olay Day Cream - I've been using a lot of Olay products lately. I love it that their day cream comes in this really tiny tube which is great for bringing along daily.
17. Maybelline Mascara - still the best out there!
18. Compact with a mirror - Because every single item in this category is useless without this one.

Organizing Needs

19. Phone Charger - Fast charger is really fast!
20. Starbuck Planner - I like how handy Starbucks' small version planners are for this year. I wish they'd retain the small ones for next year. Red is my favorite color too, so you can say this is one of my favorite items in my bag. The Moleskin texture is amazing.
21. Sharpie Pen - Believe it or not, this pen is actually the most irreplaceable item in my bag. A colleague from the US gave it to my husband and I loved the foamy texture while you write using this pen. I honestly don't know what to do once this runs out. :(
22. Yellow-Green Stabilo Highlighter - For when I need to highlight something in the book that I'm currently reading.
23. Bookmark - I really love this one from Fully Booked. It has my initial on it and some description at the back for people whose name begins with the letter "K".

So basically that's it! I just realized that I have 23 tiny items in my bag, plus my phone that makes it 24 items. Haha. How about you, what's in your bag?

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  1. The best item:

    5. Vicks - My daughter tends to have a motion sickness sometimes. I forgot my White Flower though which is even more Tita vibes than Vicks. Haha.