August 23, 2016

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

I've always loved reading about charm bracelet stories, especially when it's from Pandora. Charm bracelet has been on the trend for years. Though I'm not into fashion trends per se, I'm into basics when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing. In terms of accessories, I just see to it that I invest in classic pieces like stud earrings and wearable timepiece. As for bracelets, I had one since I was in high school and I kept and kept on wearing it daily. So to say, it's always sulit for me whenever I buy accessories because I tend to wear them daily throughout the years. 

I've read a lot of blogs about Pandora charm bracelets. There were pros and cons, reviews, cleaning tips, etc. I weighed those out and came up with a decision that it is worth it to own one since it's fun to collect and wear charms despite being a tad pricey. Their handcrafting is phenomenal. I also love the thought that it reminds you of your life events. It turns out being your takeaway from your experiences or life events.

As a self-reward for my regularization in the new company that I'm currently working for, I purchased the charm bracelet along with the letter "K" pendant last September 2015. After a month, my husband wanted to contribute in my charms. I told him that I need a couple of clips to avoid the pendant from roaming around and also, I read online that Pandora owners believe that the bracelets stretches if you don't have clips on it. So he gave me the matching abstract clips. And that was it for 2015, I calmed down after those purchases. 

I did not get any charm for Christmas since we focused on our new car and the holiday season. Finally, my birthday came and my husband doesn't have any idea what to get me. By that time I already constructed an online wishlist in the Pandora's website so he just went there and browsed. He decided to get me the travel charm and the limited edition Minnie cupcake charm. He explained that the travel charm is a sign that he'll take me somewhere nice within the year. While the cupcake Minnie is to remind me of our endearment. (We call each other "Cupcake".)

For my last two charms, I bought the Fairy Tales Book charm and the Pearl Oyster charm. Both remind me of the things that I love doing which is reading and being on the beach. Overall, I love the fact that other than the "K" pendant, the collection truly screams out my own unique personality. Almost a year and 2 free cleanings later, I can say that I'm still happy with my charm collection. I still have no plans of adding other charms since I like that it's just in place in the middle and not looking like some Buddha beads. But we'll see!

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