June 25, 2014

MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel: My New Addiction!

Pink shades has always been my comfort zone when it comes to lipsticks. When my husband asked me if I wanted a MAC lipstick from Macy's since it's cheaper there for $14(Php 616) compared to the hefty price of Php 1,000 ($22) here in the Philippines, I told him that I want the "Impassioned" shade but if it's not available I'll just settle for the "Rebel". 
This particular shade got me curious for years because it's really intimidating in the tube but a lot of bloggers were raving about it and even became one of the favorites. Out of nowhere, my husband decided to get both "Impassioned" and "Rebel". He even got me the full-size of D and G Light Blue. He's just the best! Thanks Cupcake! :) When he sent me the picture of this tube via Viber, I got really giddy and excited. It's my first time to have a Plum shade from the brand and I don't know if it will fit me. 

Fast-forward to the day that I finally got my pasalubong-- I surprised myself when I fell in love with this shade the first time I wore it. Definitely love-at-first-swatch! It is currently my addiction and I've been wearing it for almost everyday since. I even forgot about the MAC Impassioned which is currently being ignored in my stash right now. This was supposed to be the second choice. Right?

SWATCHED: MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel
MAC Rebel is a shade that can be described as a reddish-plum. The Satin formulation is closer to Creemesheen rather than Amplified though this is more opaque. It is also buildable so whenever I want a lighter shade, I can blot the product after application and I'm left with a sheer raspberry color on my lips. I can't think of anything wrong about this product. It is listed on the permanent shades as well so I can re-purchase anytime. I will definitely re-purchase by the way, and I don't mind getting it for 1,000 pesos here too. That's how much I love it!

LIP SWATCH: MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel
MAC Rebel brightens my face and makes it appear fairer. So If you have a warm skin tone, you can wear this shade to make your face look whiter. I have always thought of dark lippies to have the Ursula vibe, but now that I am older I am starting to appreciate them. Finally, I surpassed my lippie adolecence of Pinks and am now maturing to Plums. MAC Rebel is making me re-think my next lipstick purchases now by considering Plums instead. Red is not my rockstar color since I appear yellowish. So I am thanking the lipstick Gods for this gorgeous shade and my husband for purchasing it for me.