August 23, 2016

My Pandora Charm Bracelet

I've always loved reading about charm bracelet stories, especially when it's from Pandora. Charm bracelet has been on the trend for years. Though I'm not into fashion trends per se, I'm into basics when it comes to dressing up and accessorizing. In terms of accessories, I just see to it that I invest in classic pieces like stud earrings and wearable timepiece. As for bracelets, I had one since I was in high school and I kept and kept on wearing it daily. So to say, it's always sulit for me whenever I buy accessories because I tend to wear them daily throughout the years. 

I've read a lot of blogs about Pandora charm bracelets. There were pros and cons, reviews, cleaning tips, etc. I weighed those out and came up with a decision that it is worth it to own one since it's fun to collect and wear charms despite being a tad pricey. Their handcrafting is phenomenal. I also love the thought that it reminds you of your life events. It turns out being your takeaway from your experiences or life events.

As a self-reward for my regularization in the new company that I'm currently working for, I purchased the charm bracelet along with the letter "K" pendant last September 2015. After a month, my husband wanted to contribute in my charms. I told him that I need a couple of clips to avoid the pendant from roaming around and also, I read online that Pandora owners believe that the bracelets stretches if you don't have clips on it. So he gave me the matching abstract clips. And that was it for 2015, I calmed down after those purchases. 

June 14, 2016

What's in my Bag?

It's been almost 3 years since I made a post like this one. Whenever I watch vlogs and read blogs, I find myself leaning towards this kind of post. Maybe it's because it's interesting to know the contents of one's belonging. Especially the content of the container that someone totes around all day. Personally, I'm one of those who never bring large bags with me, unless I'm with my daughter on a long trip. For my daily tote, I still use my Coach sling bag from two years ago. Migs bought it for 70% OFF for less than $45 (around Php 2,000) in a Memorial Day sale. I think I made the most out of that price tag already. Haha. Brace yourself, here are the contents of my daily tote!

The Basics Needs
I categorized the contents of my bag in three. For the first category, here are my basic needs. These are the items that can never change or go missing inside my bag. The other things can be left in the house, but these I can't go without.

1. Charles and Keith Wallet - This wallet is a pasalubong from my sister from Singapore. She said this brand is a lot cheaper there because it's a Singaporean brand.
2. Extra Gums - I started purchasing this gum some months ago and I did not stop since then. It's always easily available in grocery stores and I recently read "Every Exquisite Thing" by Matthew Quick so I have a bias towards the brand Wrigley's.
3. Giggles Baby Wipes  - Every living individual in this world needs some wet wipes, believe me.
4. King Floss - Yeah I'm in the flossing team.
5. Vicks - My daughter tends to have a motion sickness sometimes. I forgot my White Flower though which is even more Tita vibes than Vicks. Haha.
6. Johnson's Baby Lotion - I hate it when my hands and arms are dry.
7. Vitress - About my hair, I don't treat it anymore. This is my natural hair already so I take care of it and avoid more fallouts. 
8. Green Cross Alcohol - Just like wet wipes, everyone needs this.
9. Johnson's Baby Powder - still the best for facial oil control!
10. Keys, Keychain and a Whistle - I need a big keychain to easily find my key inside my bag. The whistle is from my mom. She insists I have it for emergency purposes. Thanks mom!
11. Broken Comb - My daughter broke it. 
12. Pantyliner - The technique is to put some cash inside the extra pantyliner or napkin for emergency purposes. Thanks Pinterest for this idea!

The Kikay Needs

13. Eyebrow Shaver - If I should choose only one feature of my face to never ever change until the day I die, I will choose my eyebrows. I get a lot of question on how I groom them because it's too thick. Thank goodness there's Cara Delevigne who made thick and unruly eyebrows preferable. I don't fill or pluck my eyebrows since two years ago so I just shave the excess strands whenever I feel like doing so.
14. Atleast 2 Lipsticks - So I have a choice depending on my mood. 
15. Maybelline Baby Lips lipbalm - been raving about this product since two years ago. I use it to prep my lips for lipsticks, to remove lipstick stains, and whenever I feel my lips are dry.
16. Olay Day Cream - I've been using a lot of Olay products lately. I love it that their day cream comes in this really tiny tube which is great for bringing along daily.
17. Maybelline Mascara - still the best out there!
18. Compact with a mirror - Because every single item in this category is useless without this one.

Organizing Needs

19. Phone Charger - Fast charger is really fast!
20. Starbuck Planner - I like how handy Starbucks' small version planners are for this year. I wish they'd retain the small ones for next year. Red is my favorite color too, so you can say this is one of my favorite items in my bag. The Moleskin texture is amazing.
21. Sharpie Pen - Believe it or not, this pen is actually the most irreplaceable item in my bag. A colleague from the US gave it to my husband and I loved the foamy texture while you write using this pen. I honestly don't know what to do once this runs out. :(
22. Yellow-Green Stabilo Highlighter - For when I need to highlight something in the book that I'm currently reading.
23. Bookmark - I really love this one from Fully Booked. It has my initial on it and some description at the back for people whose name begins with the letter "K".

So basically that's it! I just realized that I have 23 tiny items in my bag, plus my phone that makes it 24 items. Haha. How about you, what's in your bag?

March 10, 2016

3 Maybelline Products That I'll Keep on Repurchasing

If you accidentally drop my bag or purposely turn it upside-down, I guarantee you that you'll find these three flying across the floor. Maybelline is my first love in terms of cosmetics. Back when I was in college when I was still clueless about makeup, I used to have a Maybelline lipstick and a Clinique mascara -- and that was it! Over the years, I became biased towards high-end brands, but surprisingly find myself still repurchasing these three every time I ran out.

1. Maybelline HyperSharp Liner

I had a love and hate relationship with this eyeliner a couple of years ago. It dries up really quick when left uncovered, so I guess that's the letdown. So NEVER leave it uncovered to maximize your usage. Anyway, it's a decent eyeliner for 400 pesos. Maybelline usually has their sale, so if you want to try it for a lower price, I suggest you follow their instagram page for updates. I believe I bought this for less than 300 pesos.

It's called Hyper Sharp because (duh?) it's pointy. The pigmentation is glossy but not too dark, so you'll have to pile up when lining your eyes. The staying power I believe is what makes it worth it. It stays all day in my severely oily eyelids.

2. Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm

Among the three, this is my most overused product of Maybelline. I always have three tubes of this lip balm simultaneously being used. There's one at home, there's another one in my bag, and in the office. My lips always feel moisturized after swiping some of these on. It's also good in prepping your lips for matte lippies. I even use it to remove lipstick pigments by swiping it repeatedly and blotting tissue over and over again to remove the remnants of my lip stains.

3. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia

Last but definitely not the least is the Color Sensational lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia. This is my second tube already and I can still see myself repurchasing after finishing it. (I only have 1/4 left by the way so..) The first tube I had was from 2013 and I never stopped using it. It's my version of Taylor Swift's red lipstick, whatever brand that is. Every time I feel lazy or just can't decide which lipstick to use, this is the obvious choice for me. Also, if you're following me on SnapChat (itsmekrisella), you'll notice the silver tube that I kept on re-applying. 

That Silver tube of Fuchsia lipstick!

SWATCHED: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia
The formula is consistent and very pigmented. The texture is very creamy and glides smoothly every single time. You don't need to  prep your lips with a lip balm before applying because the formula itself is already very moisturizing. Note that I've been using the word "very" in every sentence to justify my thoughts. (Ha-ha) This Fuchsia will suit every skin tone from fair to medium. If there's a drugstore Pink lipstick every woman should get, I believe this is it!

March 3, 2016

Channel Rouge Coco in Liason

Oh wow! I can't believe it's been a year since I purchased this lipstick. It was a gift to myself for going out of my comfort zone. You know, I like rewarding myself whenever I feel like I accomplished a milestone. Purchasing this lipstick is another risk for me since I usually go for MAC because I already tried and tested that brand. Now that I mentioned it, I actually finished a couple of tubes just recently and I'm so happy about it (I'll post about it soon.) I haven't done much research before going to Chanel so I took advantage of being the only customer that time and swatched like crazy. I fell in love with the texture of this particular range "Rouge Coco". 

Liason is a shade in between Pink Salmon and Coral but leans toward nude Pink when applied. The texture is buttery that it glides like a dream while application. Though it is not that pigmented upon first swipe, it builds up really nice. This lipstick is great for daily use since it can pass as your daily MLBB shade.

Gosh I can't believe this was me a year ago! Hehe. So that was me wearing zero makeup, just the Channel Rouge Coco in Liason. The lowdown though is that some may find the flowery scent overpowering. I suggest you sniff it first will trying it on so you'll know if you will find it tolerable later on.

Overall, if you're planning to purchase your very first Chanel lipstick, I highly recommend the Rouge Coco range since it has the best formula there is. Other than the formula, it has the best packaging! I really really love the Chanel tubes. The magnetic closure and the weight of the product is really worth it. The packaging is a whole new experience itself already. I'm actually down to the last half of this lipstick. I swipe it on my lips whenever I feel fancy yah know.

Tell me all about your first encounter with Chanel lipstick!

September 10, 2015

Flashback Friday: My First Scuba Diving Experience

Discovering life underwater has been in my bucket list for sometime now. Luckily, I got to strike it off of my list last summer. Clueless as I was, I didn't know that the experience was even more amazing than how I've seen it in photos. I must warn you as early as now that this post is photo-heavy. 

Last April, a colleague of ours invited us to try scuba diving at Anilao Batangas. The resort was called Dive and Trek and we were offered an all-in package inclusive of all the diving equipment, training, resort amenities, boat rides, lunch and unlimited coffee and drinks. The package was a lot more cheaper than the pricing we canvassed in Coron Palawan. If you're interested, you can visit their page on Facebook: Dive District

Overall, I can say that the experience was one for the books. It was worth every centavo since it's not every summer that you get to experience life underwater. The mere fact that I breathed tank oxygen for an hour still blows my mind whenever I think about it. Another exciting part of the experience was the preparation. I've no clue on how it's supposed to be so I was researching like crazy. I even researched "What to wear under your wet-suit". Thankfully, I saw Zalora's collection of swimwear. Zalora has a variety of available sexy and stylish swimwear. It's very helpful since most divers suggests wearing just swimsuits beneath the wet-suit when diving.